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Scéilín – The Abarta Heritage Blog

Welcome to Scéilín – The Abarta Heritage Blog, where you can find the latest news, updates and travels of the Abarta team.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please do get in touch by commenting on our posts.  We hope that Scéilín will give you a look behind the scenes of Abarta, to show the kind of projects that we work on and the way we go about it.  There will be individual sections for key themes and projects such as Adopt a Monument, the Hellfire Club Archaeological Project as well as sections about our travels and adventures and our latest news.  We hope that you enjoy our blog!

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Scéilín The Abarta Heritage Blog

Abarta Heritage News

  • Buttevant Heritage Trail Stories from Above and Below

    Creating the Buttevant Heritage Trail

    We have just completed work on our latest audio guide, the Buttevant Heritage Trail, and we thought this might be a good opportunity to show how we go about producing our guides. The Buttevant Heritage Trail We have been working for a number of years with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), to help them to tell the stories of the many remarkable archaeological discoveries that have been made during development of road and rail infrastructure in Ireland (you can see the full list of TII guides here).  We base the script for our TII guides on the technical publications and [...]

  • Abarta Heritage 5th Birthday Slider

    Abarta Heritage’s 5th Birthday

    It is Abarta Heritage's 5th Birthday today.  We launched Abarta on the 25th June 2012, and since then we have worked on numerous projects that help to tell the incredible story of Ireland's past.  To celebrate our birthday, we thought we'd give an insight into what motivated us to start our company, the type of work that we do, and what our future plans are. Why We Started Abarta Heritage The Origins of Abarta Heritage Abarta was created by Neil Jackman and Róisín Burke in 2012.  Both Neil and Róisín had extensive experience in archaeology [...]

  • Digital Heritage Collections

    Launch of the Digital Heritage Collections

    Thousands of excavation reports along with videos, seminar papers and Abarta's Archaeology Audiobooks made available by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the DRI Thousands of excavation reports, along with videos and seminar papers have been made available by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) as the Digital Heritage Collections.  The collections include a series of archaeological audio books created by Abarta Heritage, that tell the story of the archaeological discoveries on TII projects. The project, a collaboration between TII, the Discovery Programme and Digital Repository of Ireland, makes it possible for anyone to explore Ireland’s [...]

Adopt a Monument News

  • Gallows Hill Dungarvan Archaeological Dig

    Gallows Hill Dungarvan Archaeology Dig

    It's a really exciting time for the Adopt a Monument Group at Gallows Hill Dungarvan, as they are carrying out an archaeological dig excavation to discover a little more of the story of the motte.  The excavation, carried out with the guidance and supervision of experienced archaeologist Dave Pollock, began on Friday 2nd June 2017 and runs until Thursday 8th June.  On the Saturday morning, the group had a really fun open day, where local children could try their hand at archaeology on the Big Dig with the School of Irish Archaeology.  It was wonderful to see so many archaeologists [...]

  • Meeting Prince Charles

    Meeting Prince Charles

    Meeting Prince Charles   We were absolutely delighted to have been invited to a reception in the beautiful surroundings of Kilkenny Castle with Prince Charles, hosted by the Heritage Council. We were invited to speak about the Adopt a Monument Scheme alongside one of our community groups from Gallows Hill, Dungarvan, County Waterford.  It was a really great occasion, and Prince Charles was very engaged and keen to speak with everyone during the reception.  Heritage and the environment are key interests of Prince Charles, who has a degree in archaeology from Trinity College Cambridge (we always knew archaeology was a [...]

Our Latest Adventures

  • Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way Kerry

    Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way Kerry

    We spent part of this week exploring the Wild Atlantic Way Kerry.  It's easy to see why County Kerry is such a popular place for visitors to Ireland, its breathtaking scenery with majestic mountains and rugged coastline make it one of the most beautiful places in the world.  We were there to discover a little of the heritage of the county, and we planned to visit a number of historical sites in preparation for Neil's forthcoming guidebook to the historical sites of the Wild Atlantic Way.  We had a rough list of around 30–40 historical sites that lay along [...]

  • A Trip to Inishmurray

    A Trip to Inishmurray

    Inishmurray is a small island in Donegal Bay off the coast of County Sligo.  We'd long dreamed of visiting the island, but we'd never managed to get there as the weather conditions have to be perfect to make the trip, so we were delighted on May 4th 2017, when a calm and sunny spell of weather allowed us to take the journey with a group of friends.  Neil is currently writing a new guidebook for the historical sites of the Wild Atlantic Way, so we're in the middle of visiting some wonderful locations along Ireland's western coast.  We chartered [...]

Hellfire Club News

  • Hellfire Club Archaeological Project Week Four

    Hellfire Club Archaeological Project: Week Four Update This year's dig at the Hellfire Club has finished, and we have made some really exciting discoveries. So now the excavation is complete the process of post-excavation analysis begins! The excavation was a fantastic experience, and we'd like to take the opportunity [...]

  • Hellfire Club Archaeological Project Week Four

    Megalithic Art Discovered at the Hellfire Club

    Megalithic Art Discovered at the Hellfire Club. Sitting partially exposed in the hollow of the strange mound behind the Hellfire Club, a dark lump of igneous rock served as a handy border to many bonfires over the centuries.  However, those who enjoyed the warmth of the fire while lying up against [...]

  • Dr Rosaleen Dwyer, Heritage Officer of South Dublin County Council

    Hellfire Club Archaeological Project Week Three

    Hellfire Club Archaeological Project; Week Three Things began to get really exciting in the third week of the Hellfire Club Archaeological Project.  The first trench has continued, with more flint and charcoal being discovered within a very clay-like layer near the base of the trench [...]