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St Patrick Audio Book

Hear the story of Ireland’s Patron Saint in his own words, with the groundbreaking St Patrick audio book. Using Patrick’s own writings combined with the latest archaeological information, this audio book seeks to disentangle the real Patrick from the Super Saint of later legend, to better understand the man behind the myth.

Our Saint Patrick Audio book examines questions such as, where did Patrick come from?  What was fifth century Ireland like?  How did he manage to escape slavery, and why did he return to Ireland?

The audio book was written by Terry O’Hagan and narrated by Gerry O’Brien.

The Tracks of our Saint Patrick Audio Book Include

1) Introduction

2) The ‘Historical Patrick’ versus ‘Saint Patrick’

3) Patrick’s Family Background / Roman Britain

4) Fifth Century Ireland

5) Captivity and Enslavement; Life as a Slave

6) Escape and Later Life

7) Missionary Efforts; Christian Converts in a Pagan Society

8) Patrick’s Writings; Controversies and Accusations

9) The Rise of the Cult of Patrick; Early Medieval Myth-Making and Hagiography

10) Conclusion


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