Introducing the seven new communities who have joined Adopt a Monument 2019!

We are delighted to introduce the new ‘adoptees’ who have signed up for Adopt a Monument 2019. This year we received almost 50 applications from interested communities across Ireland. Each of these communities were passionate about understanding, protecting and promoting their local heritage, and it was an incredibly difficult process to get to the final selection.

You can read a little more about the selection process here, in summary it happens like this:

  1. An initial assessment was carried out on all the applications to ensure that they achieved the key criteria (permission from landowner etc).
  2. Those that met the criteria were then assessed with the Heritage Council according to the strength of their application.
  3. The best sixteen applications were put forward for a review panel that consisted of staff and board members of the Heritage Council, National Monuments Service archaeologists and invited professional archaeologists to select what the panel believes to be the seven most suitable to go forward to the next stage where they are visited by the Adopt a Monument Team.
  4. The Adopt a Monument Team went to visit the seven communities chosen by the review panel, with a view to selecting four communities to join Adopt a Monument 2019.

However, on meeting all seven communities it was clear that all seven were equally brilliant, equally enthusiastic, equally as determined to preserve, promote and understand their local heritage and so it was impossible to choose between them. So we recommended that all seven join Adopt a Monument 2019!

While it was originally planned to have just four new sites join the Scheme, we received over 50 applications from energized community groups across Ireland. The enthusiasm of the seven groups shortlisted made it impossible to choose between them. Each of the sites are unique and represent important aspects of Ireland’s heritage. We are really looking forward to working with the communities to uncover the stories of their sites”

Virginia Teehan, CEO, The Heritage Council