Hear the Stories from the Grave

This audiobook details the discovery in 2003 of a graveyard and the foundations of a small forgotten stone church in Ballyshannon, County Donegal. The audiobook weaves the archaeological information into fictionalised first-person accounts, allowing you to hear stories from the grave. The discoveries were made as part of the N15 Bundoran–Ballyshannon Bypass archaeological works. It led to one of the largest excavations of medieval burials ever undertaken on this island; over 1,200 individuals were excavated from the site at Ballyhanna over the winter of 2003–4, representing 1,000 years of burial through the entire Irish medieval period. 

The Ballyhanna Research Project is a cross-border collaborative research project that was established to investigate a medieval church and burial ground, which was lost from local knowledge for centuries, rediscovered in 2003 and subsequently excavated. One of the primary aims of the project is to show how scientific research may aid our interpretations of archaeology and reveal new insights into past societies. The project research tells us about this community through death and burial traditions, and by examining these aspects, it also tells us also about the people that lived in this medieval community, who, over the course of a millennium, were laid to rest in a small graveyard by the banks of the River Erne.

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