Community Tourism Development – Stories expertly told

Community tourism development is at the heart of what we do at Abarta Heritage. Irish people are renowned as the best storytellers in the world, and Ireland is known worldwide as a land of stories, where around every corner there are echoes of the past. Our company  can help to uncover your stories and develop heritage trails which can create a truly evocative visitor experience.

Developing Heritage Trails

We are experts at connecting stories and sites and have worked with community groups around Ireland to help them uncover their stories and to create engaging heritage trails.  Our expert researchers identify the stories and themes of Irish heritage and folklore, and  can link them to the hidden gems that are so numerous across Ireland. We understand the difference between history and stories, and can interpret and distill history to create lively and engaging trails and itineraries. We can create trails centered around entertaining and occasionally moving tales that will engender emotional connections with visitors. The stories and trails encourage exploration and discovery and can lead to increased visitor dwell time in your local area.

Our experience centres on our deep understanding and appreciation for Ireland’s heritage, and our passion to communicate those incredible stories to people in innovative and engaging ways. We have worked with a large number of communities around the country, and know that everywhere you travel in Ireland you can discover an authentic storyteller. Part of our work over the past number of years has included working with local storytellers and custodians of incredible heritage sites to empower them to have the confidence and abilities to deliver their unique insights and stories to wide audiences. We understand the local pride that communities have in their heritage and stories, our work with the Heritage Council and a number of local development companies (like Ballyhoura Development Limited) and tourism businesses, directly builds on that appreciation and helps to bring heritage to the forefront of the communities consciousness. We help communities to become self- sufficient by identifying and highlighting funding opportunities and cross-promotional opportunities through connections with other communities, sites and stories in their area.