Our Innovative Escape Room Design puts Visitors at the Centre of the Story

We provide a full escape room design service. Our bespoke escape rooms are tailored to suit your story, and they are a fantastic way of providing an immersive, educational and truly unforgettable experience.

An escape room is both a mental and physical adventure-based game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy. Escape rooms may consist of one large single room or they can span multiple rooms.  Players are given a set time-limit in which to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

Working with professional designers and prop-makers, Abarta Heritage provides a full heritage escape room design service, which includes concept development, game design, room fit-out and maintenance.  The themes behind our escape rooms are crafted with integrity to match the unique story of your site.  The themes are thoroughly researched and explored in order to develop both the backstory and the objective of the game.  In-depth investigation also allows us to present an accurate visual representation of the period using appropriate furniture, room dressings and props.

The famous 17th century scientist, Robert Boyle provided the theme for the first escape room we produced in Lismore Heritage Centre, County Waterford which has challenged and delighted visitors!


Our Escape Room design service provides you with everything you need throughout the process – from concept planning, installation, maintenance and promotional support.


What our clients have to say about our Escape Room Design Service:

“We have had a fantastic response to the escape room that Abarta Heritage designed for us, we would absolutely recommend them.”

Breda O'Brien, Lismore Heritage Centre

“Abarta were very easy to work with and the escape room they produced is fantastic. We would highly recommend them.”

Sean Barber, Tipperary County Council

“An escape room is a fantastic way to bring heritage to life, we’re so pleased with the way it turned out.”

Sylvia Ryan, Waterford Tourism
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