Thousands of excavation reports along with videos, seminar papers and Abarta’s Archaeology Audiobooks made available by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the DRI

Thousands of excavation reports, along with videos and seminar papers have been made available by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) as the Digital Heritage Collections.  The collections include a series of archaeological audio books created by Abarta Heritage, that tell the story of the archaeological discoveries on TII projects.

The project, a collaboration between TII, the Discovery Programme and Digital Repository of Ireland, makes it possible for anyone to explore Ireland’s archaeological heritage in a very accessible (and free!) way.  The project is another positive outcome of TII’s focus on making the results of their archaeological projects accessible.  Thousands of archaeological reports detail various excavations, and amongst them you can find invaluable information about life in Ireland’s past.

Excavation reports by Abarta’s Neil Jackman are also included, such as the excavation of Kilbegly Mill in County Roscommon, one of the finest-preserved early medieval mills discovered in Europe.  Along with details of the excavation you can also read the incredibly detailed reports from a wide variety of specialists on everything from prehistoric pottery, animal bone, human remains and more.  For example, in the Kilbegly report, you can find information about the carpentry and woodworking of the early medieval millwrights and why certain species of wood were chosen, the cereal and pollen analysis and what they tell us about farming in the period, what the tiny fragmentary remains of insects tell us about the environment and what the various artefacts say about the life (and fashion!) of the millers.  And that is just one report in amongst thousands, all testament to the work of the many archaeologists and experts who so diligently worked on the sites and those who prepared the reports.

We are absolutely thrilled to see our audio books forming a small part of this fantastic resource for anyone interested in delving deeper into the story of Ireland.  Explore the collection by visiting the Digital Heritage Collection on the DRI website