Meeting Prince Charles


We were absolutely delighted to have been invited to a reception in the beautiful surroundings of Kilkenny Castle with Prince Charles, hosted by the Heritage Council. We were invited to speak about the Adopt a Monument Scheme alongside one of our community groups from Gallows Hill, Dungarvan, County Waterford.  It was a really great occasion, and Prince Charles was very engaged and keen to speak with everyone during the reception.  Heritage and the environment are key interests of Prince Charles, who has a degree in archaeology from Trinity College Cambridge (we always knew archaeology was a noble interest!).

It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of such a proud day for the Heritage Council, at the end of his visit Prince Charles was presented with a beautiful woven basket  made from organic willows by Eamon Tobin Baskets from Tullogher, County Kilkenny, a lovely example of traditional Irish craft.

(Pictures by Dylan Vaughan Photography)