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To download your free ‘Luas; Dublin’s Timeline Audio Book’ simply add to basket and complete the check out. The audio guide will download as a .zip folder containing the MP3 tracks that make up the Luas; Dublin’s Timeline Audio Guide. Once downloaded you can copy the audio files to iTunes or your media player and enjoy.

Stream to Mobile Devices / Tablets

If you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can stream your guide free by using the player below:

  1. 01 Introduction – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 3:08
  2. 02 Heuston Station – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 8:43
  3. 03 Museum Collins Barracks – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 3:25
  4. 04 Smithfield – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 4:43
  5. 05 Four Courts – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 7:38
  6. 06 Jervis – Luas; Dublin's Timeline Abarta Heritage 3:32
  7. 07 Abbey Street – Luas; Dublin's Timeline Abarta Heritage 7:00
  8. 08 Busaras – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 7:18
  9. 09 Connolly Station – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 3:11
  10. 10 St Stephens Green – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 6:06
  11. 11 Harcourt Street – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 5:12
  12. 12 Charlemont Street – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 2:36
  13. 13 Conclusion – Luas; Dublin's Timeline 0:39


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 Luas; Dublin’s Timeline Audio Book

Welcome to the Luas; Dublin’s Timeline Audio Book.  The Luas is Dublin’s light-rail transit service.   The development of the Luas network saw some of the biggest infrastructural developments of modern Dublin.   In a city as old as Dublin, wherever you dig you are likely to find echoes of the past.  During the construction of the Luas lines, experienced teams of archaeologists kept a careful watch as they monitored the works, and identified and excavated any archaeological remains that were encountered.  Their meticulous records reveal a wealth of new information about Dublin’s history, and this audio book helps to tell the story of what was discovered, along with the history and stories from each of the stops.  Hear about Dublin’s early origins, its Viking past and life in Medieval Dublin.  You’ll also hear tales of tragedy and poverty from Dublin’s tenements, and violence as the 1916 Easter Rising nearly tore the city apart.  You can also encounter some of Dublin’s characters and folk-tales such as Copper Face Jack or the notorious thief Scaldbrother.  This audio book is also packed with information about Dublin’s engineering and architecture, arts, culture and politics.  You’ll find information about some of the most famous parts of the city, like St. Stephen’s Green, the Four Courts, Smithfield and more!


Hear tales from Dublin’s past

Your audio book is delivered in a series of tracks, with each track representing the story of one of the Luas stops along the central portion of the Luas Red and Green Lines, from Heuston Station to Charlemont.  This audio book was produced by Abarta Heritage on behalf of Transport Infrastructure Ireland.  It was narrated by Sharon Mannion and Gerry O’Brien and written by Neil Jackman, with the kind support of Emer Dennehy and Rónán Swan of Transport Infrastructure Ireland.  We are indebted to the teams of archaeologists who worked so diligently to uncover the story of Dublin during the construction of the Luas.