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To download your free audio guide simply add to basket and complete the check out. The audio guide will download as a .zip folder containing the MP3 tracks that make up the Story of Portarlington Audio Guide. Once downloaded you can copy the audio files to iTunes or your media player and enjoy.

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If you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can stream or download your guide free using the player below:

  1. 001 Introduction – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 10:02
  2. 002 The Market Square – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 4:56
  3. 003 St. Paul's Church French Church Street – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 7:51
  4. 004 Arlington House – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 4:39
  5. 005 The Barrow Bridge – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 3:16
  6. 006 Kilmalogue House – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 2:53
  7. 007 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 2:39
  8. 008 Main Street – Portarlington Abarta Audioguides 2:36
  9. 009 The Peoples Park – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 2:37
  10. 010 The Elms and the East End Hotel – Portarlington Abarta Audioguides 3:55
  11. 011 Kilnacourt House – Portarlington Abarta Audioguides 3:54
  12. 012 Conclusion – Portarlington Abarta Heritage 3:38


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The Story of Portarlington Audio Guide

The free to download Story of Portarlington Audio Guide will lead you through the streets of this charming Laois town.  It will help you to discover the origins of Portarlington as you hear stories about how the town became known as the ‘Paris of the Midlands’.  Portarlington has many hidden gems and stories to discover, from Jonathan Swift being inspired to write his classic Gulliver’s Travels while staying in the town, to the story of how Portarlington gained a reputation as a centre of education and learning.

Portarlington was established in the 1600s and grew to accommodate French Huguenot refugees; over two hundred years later it again provided a safe sanctuary for more refugees that were fleeing the horror of World War I.  Throughout the history of this fascinating town there have been stories off economic prosperity and decline. This audio guide was produced in conjunction with Laois County Council, Laois Partnership and Laois Tourism. This project was part funded by Laois Partnership through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.