We’ve been making the most of the good weather in the last couple of weeks as we continue the fieldwork for the Wicklow Heritage Trails Project.  There are few places in the world that are as lovely as Wicklow in the early autumn.  The changing colour of the leaves, the gentle flow of the rivers and the majestic mountains all combine beautifully.  It certainly makes the fieldwork a real pleasure!  We hope to complete all of the fieldwork in the next couple of weeks. Just before all of those lovely leaves fall!

Wicklow Heritage Trails: Information Evening for People in Woodenbridge Avoca and Rathdrum

As well as carrying out an audit of all the sites along the walking trails, we are also meeting with local people and communities to talk to them about their heritage and to hear their stories.  On the 18th October we hope to meet people from the south of the county from communities in the area of Woodenbridge, Avoca and Rathdrum.   The evening will be a great opportunity to talk about the project, and to hear the stories from the area.  If you’re in the area please do come along.  It will be in the Woodenbridge Hotel & Lodge at 4pm.  We hope to discuss some of the incredible places along the trails in the south of the county, including Avondale House, Castlemacadam, the important mining and industrial heritage as well as the stories of the towns and villages themselves.  All of the information gathered during the project will be available on the Our Wicklow Heritage website.

The Wicklow Heritage Trails Project is a joint initiative of Wicklow County Council Heritage Office and Wicklow Uplands Council. The project is funded and supported by The Heritage Council.