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Welcome to the Amplify Archaeology Podcast! We will feature a series of interviews with a number of Ireland’s archaeologists and specialists, to discuss the key periods in Ireland’s past, the different types of sites and artefacts and how people lived in the past. We also hope to give an insight into the profession and practice of archaeology, and the various techniques and scientific methods that help to build the picture of Ireland’s history.

We have some really exciting interviews lined up with some of Ireland’s top archaeological experts and specialists, and we can’t wait to get started.  We will also try to feature news direct from the trenches, as with our first episode where we met with Professor Graeme Warren and Conor McDermott of UCD School of Archaeology and their team of archaeologists, students and community volunteers at their dig in Glendalough.  Each episode has its own page with shownotes and links that allow you to dig deeper into the particular themes and references that were discussed during the show.  We hope that this podcast will become a useful and enjoyable resource for anyone interested in Irish archaeology.  If you have suggestions for a particular subject that you are interested in please do let us know and we will consider it for a future episode.

Amplify Archaeology is available on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsSoundcloud and most of the usual podcast outlets.  If it doesn’t appear on your favourite podcast app please do let us know and we try to make it available there too.

Hear about Ireland's passage tombs with the Amplify Archaeology PodcastDiscover the story of Ireland's castles with the Amplify Archaeology Podcast