The Story of St Patrick Audio Book

Download our engaging and immersive audio book that brings the story of St Patrick to life.  This beautifully produced and acclaimed audio book weaves the tale of St Patrick, Ireland’s iconic patron saint. It helps you to hear the story of Patrick in his own words, as it uses Patrick’s own writings combined with the latest archaeological and historical research, to disentangle the real Patrick from the Super Saint of later legend, and to better understand the man behind the myth as he attempted to establish Christianity at the edge of the known world.

The Story of St Patrick in his own words

By combining the expert knowledge of historian and archaeologist Terry O’Hagan and the Abarta team, with the natural storyteller Gerry O’Brien, this audio book is a truly compelling and original production.  The audio book draws on new translations of Patrick’s own writings. These provide remarkable insights into the man himself, and it also uses the latest archaeological evidence to try to reconstruct the Ireland he experienced.  Although this audio book may help to shatter some of the well-established myths of Saint Patrick such as the banishing of snakes, you can experience a far greater story – the story of a young man taken into captivity and brought far from home, who made a daring escape from slavery only to return again, to teach, convert and strive against impossible odds in an extremely dangerous environment to bring Christianity to the Irish.

St Patrick Audiobook

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Facts about St Patrick

Our Audio Book is packed with insightful facts about St Patrick

Written by experts, crafted by storytellers.

Our audio book is packed with facts about St. Patrick such as: who was Saint Patrick?  Where did Saint Patrick come from?  What was life like in 5th century Ireland?  How did Patrick manage to escape from slavery, and why did he choose to return to the place that had enslaved him? Just how many of the stories and legends about Patrick could be true?  These are just some of the questions that our Story of Saint Patrick audio book seeks to answer.  Each track of this audio book is a chapter focusing on a different aspect of the Story of Saint Patrick.

You’ll hear information and stories about:

  • The ‘Historical’ Patrick versus ‘Saint’ Patrick.
  • Patrick’s Family Background
  • Fifth Century Ireland
  • Captivity and Enslavement – Life as a Slave
  • Patrick’s Escape and his Later Life
  • His Mission to return to Ireland
  • Patrick’s writings: Controversy and Accusations
  • The Rise of a Cult of Patrick – how the man became a legend.