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St Patrick Audio Book


St Patrick Audio Book

Download the acclaimed Patrick: Six Years a Slave Audio Book to hear the story of Ireland’s Patron Saint in his own words. Using Patrick’s own writings combined with the latest archaeological information, this audio book seeks to disentangle the real Patrick from the Super Saint of later legend, to better understand the man behind the myth. Our Saint Patrick Audio book examines questions such as, where did Patrick come from?  What was fifth century Ireland like?  How did he manage to escape slavery, and why did he return to Ireland?

Accessing Your Audiobook

The audio book was written by Terry O’Hagan and narrated by Gerry O’Brien. It runs for just over 1 hour and it is broken into a series of tracks reflecting different themes and chapters in the story. When you add our audiobook to your basket and complete the checkout process, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to download the audiobook.

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About Abarta Heritage

We are an Irish company based in Clonmel, County Tipperary.  As archaeologists, we are passionate about Ireland’s history and archaeology and we have made it our mission to help to make the story of Ireland’s past as accessible and enjoyable as we can.  By choosing to purchase this audiobook, you will help us to know that we can go on to create more audiobooks about other aspects of Irish archaeology, history and folklore.


Discover the True Story of St Patrick with this Groundbreaking Audiobook

Every St Patrick’s Day, people all around the world celebrate Ireland’s Patron Saint with festivals and parades.  In some ways, Patrick feels like one of the most familiar saints.  When we think of Patrick, we conjure up an image of a bearded man dressed in a Bishop’s splendour, with emerald green robes and a tall mitre on his head.  However, the real, historical Patrick would have borne little resemblance to this popular image.  In this audiobook, we dig deep into Patrick’s own writings, to discover clues about who the real man was and to help answer questions about where Patrick came from and what he believed.

“The best summary we’ve come across of what can be deduced from the historical documents is the audio book ‘Patrick: Six Years a Slave’, which can be downloaded from Abarta Heritage, and which is highly recommended.” (Roaringwater Journal)

The overall audiobook is just over 1 hour in duration. It was written by Terry O’Hagan, and beautifully narrated by Gerry O’Brien, and with ambient music and soundscaping to create an immersive story. The audiobook was recorded at Bluebird Studios in Kildare, and produced by Abarta Heritage.  We hope that this audio book will be the first of many productions that help to tell the remarkable story of Irish archaeology, history and culture.

How the St Patrick Audio Book Works

The St Patrick audio book is broken into a series of tracks, with each track representing a particular chapter in the story of Patrick.

  1. Introduction
  2. The ‘Historical Patrick’ versus ‘Saint Patrick’
  3. Patrick’s Family Background / Roman Britain
  4. Fifth Century Ireland
  5. Captivity and Enslavement; Life as a Slave
  6. Escape and Later Life
  7. Missionary Efforts; Christian Converts in a Pagan Society
  8. Patrick’s Writings; Controversies and Accusations
  9. The Rise of the Cult of Patrick; Early Medieval Myth-Making and Hagiography
  10. Conclusion


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