Hear the Story of some of the First Vikings in Ireland.

In the ninth century, the Vikings established a settlement on the banks of the River Suir. This settlement was home to men, women and children, a place of craft and industry, trade and commerce, life and death. This settlement was rediscovered in 2003, when archaeologists working in advance of construction of the N25 Waterford City Bypass first identified archaeological features and artefacts that hinted at the scale and importance of Woodstown. The site is regarded as one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made in Ireland, and it provides unique insights into the earliest phases of Viking activity. The archaeologists discovered large D-shaped enclosures that were defined by ditches. Those ditches surrounded houses, craft working areas and places of trade. One of the most significant discoveries was that of an important Viking warrior, whose grave contained high status weapons including a sword, spear, shield and axe.

a milestone in European Viking archaeology…’

The discoveries at Woodstown have been described as ‘a milestone in European Viking archaeology…’ (David Griffiths, University of Oxford). Indeed, the site was deemed so important, that Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Waterford County Council decided that the planned road had to be diverted away so that it did not disturb the remains. Today Woodstown is a pastoral field, indistinguishable from the surrounding countryside. But this peaceful green field has an enormous story to tell.

This audiobook is informed by the technical excavation reports and the archaeological publication to tell the story of Woodstown, and to give an insight into what life may have been like in Viking Ireland. Tracks include information on how the site was discovered and the excavation, the historical context, everyday life in Viking Ireland, trade and industry, and death, burial and the Woodstown Warrior.

This audio book is an accessible companion to the publication by Four Courts Press; Woodstown: A Viking-Age Settlement in County Waterford, edited by Ian Russell and Maurice F. Hurley. It contains in-depth analysis of the site and its artefacts by a variety of international experts who look at what the new discoveries reveal about the Vikings in Ireland.

A Viking-Age Settlement at Woodstown Waterford

Abarta Heritage produced this audio guide on behalf of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) under the guidance of TII archaeologists James Eogan and Rónán Swan, and with the kind assistance of ACS Ltd and Waterford Treasures; Three Museums in the Viking Triangle. The guide was written by Neil Jackman, and narrated by Sharon Mannion. The audio guide was produced by Róisín Burke with sound engineer Declan Lonergan of Bluebird Studios.