Hellfire Club Photos

I hope you enjoy these galleries of Hellfire Club photos.  We have seldom excavated anywhere quite as spectacular as the Hellfire Club.  You often found yourself engrossed in the detail of the excavation, only to look up and be stunned by the ever changing views.  The light seemed to constantly shift, to highlight focus on different aspects – sometimes on Dublin City itself, sometimes on a ferry as it made its way into the port.  It truly is a special place.  The excavation was made all the more special by the incredible good fortune we had with the weather.  When we knew the excavation was going to be in October, I must admit to feeling a bit of apprehension as to the thoughts of 8 hours a day in the Dublin Mountains in late autumn.  However, with the exception of one very short shower, it never rained on us at all, surely it must stand as the driest October on record!

Throughout the dig at the Hellfire Club, photos were constantly being taken to document the archaeology, but also to record the process of the excavation itself.  We were so lucky early in the project to meet Steven Duffy, a talented local photographer.  Steven took a great interest in our work, and was a welcome regular visitor to the excavation, along with his lovely dogs Sasha, Rocco and Troy.  Steven kindly took a number of photographs of the excavation in progress, and this gallery features a number of his Hellfire Club photos.

This page features Steven’s atmospheric monochrome images.  Please continue to the next page to see further galleries of Hellfire Club photos.