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The Robert Boyle Escape Room  – Educational & Entertaining

Robert Boyle Escape Room Logos

The Robert Boyle Escape Room in Lismore, County Waterford, is based on the story of the C17th natural philosopher, chemist, physicist and inventor, Robert Boyle who was born in Lismore Castle in 1627. Boyle’s contribution to science was so enormous that he became known as one of the ‘Fathers of Chemistry’. Boyle, along with his contemporaries, such as Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei, laid the foundations of modern science as we know it today.

Lismore Heritage Centre contracted our Abarta Heritage team to develop a meaningful but fun way for visitors to immerse themselves in the incredible story of Robert Boyle.  Rather than a traditional static exhibition, we created a memorable way for friends and families to connect.  A hands-on fun way to explore the story and learn about this titan of science.

The Robert Boyle Escape Room is decorated in the style of a seventeenth century study, complete with a gentleman’s desk, library, experiments table and contemporary music, that helps to immerse participants in the atmosphere of the period.  Many of the puzzles relate to scientific principles with players being encouraged to examine, weigh and work with numbers.  The room interprets Robert Boyle’s story in a creative and exciting way and encourages players to work as a team, using logic, creativity, strategy and communication skills.

Robert Boyle Room graphic

How Does it Work?

Groups of up to six people have one hour in which to find a series of hidden clues, solve mental and physical puzzles, and ultimately find Boyle’s ‘Secret Alchemy Box’ in which they’ll find the exit code for the door.  Groups are monitored by a staff member through a 360 degree camera in the room and they may ask the staff member for up to six hints if they are having difficulty moving through the game.


Researched by heritage experts, designed and constructed by professional prop-makers, this room provides all the fun and challenge of an escape room together with a learning experience about 17th century science.

Robert Boyle Escape Room - sketch designs

The team began by thoroughly researching Robert Boyle’s story. We developed a back story to the game which related to Boyle’s work and decorated the room in the style of the C17 century. Many of the puzzles we developed are related to Boyle’s scientific experiments. However all puzzles are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, requiring only the use of logic and creative thinking!

Robert Boyle Room testing

The room was thoroughly tested by a number of invited groups to check that the game was working as anticipated. We also produced a comprehensive handover document and undertook training with the heritage centre staff so that they fully understood how the game worked and how to reset the game after each group ready for the next brave souls seeking a challenge.

Robert Boyle Room graphic

Our team designed the logo, brand identity and marketing materials which are used to market the room. We also provided support for the launch of the escape room and ideas for games which could be played by attendees at the launch.


“It was my first escape room experience and I loved it. If you ever watched problem solving programs on the tele and thought ‘I could do that’ … Well this is your chance to see! The staff were great fun and lismore is just beautiful.”


“Absolutely great craic! Thanks so much for a brilliant time, I’ve never laughed so much at my own stupidity when trying to figure out the clues.”


“My first escape room, great fun for sure! Definitely need your wits about you, to solve the clues. Would highly recommend this experience!”

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