Ellen Hutchins Trail

Ellen Hutchins Trail


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The Ellen Hutchins Trail Audio Guide

Welcome to the Ellen Hutchins Trail where you will discover the fascinating story of the short but remarkable life of Ellen Hutchins, Ireland’s first female botanist, who was born in Ballylickey in 1785. Join us as we walk in Ellen’s footsteps and experience West Cork, the beautiful landscape that inspired her truly pioneering work, as she studied and recorded the plants, lichens and seaweeds of Bantry Bay and the surrounding area.

This trail will take you from the wind-swept islands and shores of beautiful Bantry Bay, through wild woodlands at Glengarriff and on to the spectacular mountains that run along the Cork and Kerry border. As we travel, you will hear the story of a talented and determined young woman, whose short life was marred by illness and family difficulties, making her achievements in the natural sciences all the more impressive. Despite her ill health, and the societal constraints placed upon young unmarried women at that time, Ellen’s passion for her subject, her gift for illustration and her diligent ingenuity have guaranteed Ellen an eminent position in the annals of Irish botany. Each track on this audio guide is introduced with an excerpt from letters exchanged between Ellen and Dawson Turner, an eminent botanist and great friend and mentor of Ellen’s. This correspondence gives a wonderful insight into Ellen’s character and world view.

To find the locations referred to in the audio guide, follow the Ellen Hutchins Trail Map, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

This guide was produced by Abarta Heritage in conjunction with the Ellen Hutchins Festival. The story is wonderfully brought to life by Sarah-Jane Scott and Gerry O’Brien. This project was grant-aided by the Heritage Council and the Fisheries Local Action Group South. We would like to thank Madeline Hutchins, Clare Heardman and Angela O’Donovan for all their insights, help and contributions to this guide. For further details and information about Ellen’s life and work, please visit www.ellenhutchins.com.

How to Access Your Free Downloadable Ellen Hutchins Trail Audio Guide

Download to PC / Mac

To download your free Ellen Hutchins Trail Audio Guide simply add to basket and complete the check out. The audio guide will download as a .zip folder containing the MP3 tracks that make up the Ellen Hutchins Trail. Once downloaded you can copy the audio files to iTunes or your media player and enjoy

Stream to Mobile Devices / Tablets

If you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can stream your guide free using the player below:

  1. 01 Introduction – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 3:39
  2. 02 Garryvurcha Graveyard, Bantry – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 4:30
  3. 03 Blue Hill and Beach, Bantry – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 3:13
  4. 04 Whiddy Island - The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 5:38
  5. 05 Ballylickey - The Ellen Hutchins Trail 5:30
  6. 06 Snave Beach - The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 4:06
  7. 07 Coomhola – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 4:56
  8. 08 Priest's Leap – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 3:41
  9. 09 Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 3:17
  10. 10 Hungry Hill and the Healy Pass – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 3:22
  11. 11 Conclusion – The Ellen Hutchins Trail Abarta Heritage 2:24


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