Kilcormac Audio Guide

Welcome to the  Kilcormac Audio Guide. Nestled between the Slieve Bloom Mountains and the waters of the Silver River, Kilcormac is a place of stories. This audio guide will introduce you to the history and heritage of the town. We will also meet members of the community who have made this charming place their home.

This is a truly ancient landscape, and during our journey we will hear of the area during the unimaginably distant past, when people camped nearby around 9,000 years ago at the edge of a great lake. Our audio guide will walk you through history and you will hear the story of Saint Cormac who came here over 1500 years ago in search of a peaceful place who in turn lent his name to the town. We will hear about the Kilcormac Pieta which survived the ravages of Cromwell’s army and lay hidden in a bog for over sixty years. We will also hear the story of how Kilcormac became a hub of peat production in the 20th century and how as that business diminished a new amenity and wildlife sanctuary blossomed at Lough Boora in its place.

As we explore the rich stories associated with Kilcormac, an enduring feature is the powerful sense of community that emerges down through the ages, along with a deep connection to the surrounding landscape in all its diversity.  Throughout the guide, you will hear local people narrating stories from the past. Track 06 – The Silver River features music from Vincent Kennedy’s Kilcormac Cantata which was commissioned by Offaly County Council. It was the result of a public art project inspired by the stories, events and history of the people of Kilcormac, Co. Offaly. The work was recorded in November 2011 and the project involved national school students, members of Coláiste Naomh Cormac Grúpa Ceoil, the Frankfort Rockers and St. Cormac’s Choir performing alongside professional musicians.
This audio guide was produced by Abarta Heritage in conjunction with Kilcormac Development Association. We would like to thank the members of Kilcormac Historical Society for their help and contributions to this guide and Sean Craven, Sylvia Sweeney, Tom Daly, Tom Egan and Seamus Barne for narrating stories. For further details and information about the history of Kilcormac, please visit

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To download your free Kilcormac Trail Audio Guide simply add to basket and complete the check out. The audio guide will download as a .zip folder containing the nine MP3 tracks that make up the Kilcormac Audio Guide. Once downloaded you can copy the audio files to iTunes or your media player and enjoy!

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If you are on a mobile device or tablet, or if you would prefer not to download the guide, you can stream your guide for free using the player below:

  1. 01 Introduction - Kilcormac Audio Guide 3:54
  2. 02 Lough Boora - Kilcormac Audio Guide 6:42
  3. 03 Saint Cormac - Kilcormac Audio Guide 5:05
  4. 04 St Joseph's Community Centre - Kilcormac Audio Guide 2:15
  5. 05 Ecclesiastical Buildings in Kilcormac - Kilcormac Audio Guide 5:37
  6. 06 The Silver River - Kilcormac Audio Guide 4:37
  7. 07 Main Street & The Village Square - Kilcormac Audio Guide 5:23
  8. 08 St Cormac's Park - Kilcormac Audio Guide 5:11
  9. 09 Conclusion - Kilcormac Audio Guide 1:05


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